Tabcat Cat Tracker Device Batteries

CR2032 Battery


Includes 2 replacement CR2032 (3 volt) lithium cell batteries for your Tabcat handset or tag. Please note that the Tabcat handset only uses one CR2032 cell at a time.


This pack contains

  • 2 replacement CR2032 (3 volt) lithium cell batteries

Compatible alternatives:

  • DL2032
  • BR2032
  • KL2032
  • L2032
  • ECR2032
  • 5004LC
  • KCR2032
  • E-CR2032
  • KECR2032
  • SB-T15
  • L14


Additional Information

These batteries (and compatible variants) are widely available, and are commonly used in a wide variety of car alarm key fobs, cameras, digital thermometers, calculators, watches and many other consumer products.

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  • What batteries does the Tabcat use?

    The Tabcat uses CR2032 batteries, one in the handset and one in each of the tags. They can be purchased from our online store or most supermarkets or stores that would sell batteries.