Is Tabcat available in any shops?

Currently, Tabcat products are only available online, through the official online store. We are currently working with a variety of retailers to make Tabcat available.

What is Tabcat’s WEEE policy?

Tabcat is a responsible manufacturer. We will take back your old product when you purchase a new one. Email us at sales@mytabcat.com and we’ll send you, free of charge, a return envelope for your old product. Then return your old product to us using the return envelope so that we can recycle it.

Does Tabcat work abroad?

Yes, Tabcat works on the 2.45GHz frequency band which can be used worldwide.

Can I download Tabcat Product user manual?

Yes, click here for the user manual for the Tabcat

Can I return my Tabcat

Yes, Tabcat comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you change your mind just return it to us in the original condition and we will refund you the price you paid. Click here to down load the Returns Form.

What batteries does the Tabcat handset use?

The Tabcat handset uses 1 x CR2032 battery. They can be purchased from our online store or most supermarkets or stores that sell batteries.

Will tags owned by other people affect my Tabcat  handset?

No. Each tag is uniquely registered to your handset during a simple set up process. It is then not possible for other handsets to track your tags.

How do you register a tag to a handset?

Place the tag you wish to register within 1 ft (20cm) of the handset. Make sure that only this tag is close to the handset. Remove plastic strip if present to activate battery. To register the tag to button 1, hold button 1 down for three seconds or until you hear a beep. Repeat registration process for any other tags with the other available buttons.

How do you un-register a tag from a handset?

Press the right hand side button to switch on your Tabcat – the red status light will flash. Press the left hand side (volume) button and simultaneously press button 1. Hold both buttons down for three seconds or until you hear a beep. Then release both buttons. This will un-register the tag paired with button 1 and allow you to register the tag to a different button or handset. Repeat this process holding down the left hand side button and button 2 to un-register tag associated with button 2. Repeat as necessary for buttons 3 and 4.

How do you change the batteries in a tag?

Remove silicon cover from the tag. At the top end of each tag there is a hole which you can thread a lanyard through. At the opposite end there a small space you can insert the tag opening tool (included in pack) or small screwdriver. Insert into space and twist and tag will pop open. Replace with CR2032 battery keeping “plus” side face up.  Replace the lid by lining up the lanyard hole and pressing shut. Replace the silicone cover.

What batteries do the mini homing tags use?

Same batteries as the handset: CR2032.

I’m having problems registering a tag?

If you have any problem registering the tag to the handset, open the tag as per the instruction manual and close the tag again. The tag will beep. Now try registration again.

How do I attach the tag to my cat’s collar?

Making sure you’ve registered the tag to the handset first, insert the tag into the silicon case. You can now feed the collar through the silicon case to attach.

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